Here at BDSS we have many ways to help you build your brand. We have listed a few of our more popular processes that will get you up and going quickly.

Screen Printing

A traditional process of applying ink to a shirt or other product using screens.  We will walk with you from the beginning art process to the final print of the last shirt. Works well for Bulk/Group orders. The more tees you order, the cheaper each tee is. If you are unsure of the exact amount of tees you need, we can add in quantity price breaks with your quote. Check out our Screen Printing page for more info.

Brand On Demand (BOD)

Brand On Demand is a process we utilize to help companies build their brand without having to deal with inventory, collecting money, and the dreaded shipping. We will host your tee(s) on the BDSS website, collect the money, print the tees, take care of all the shipping, and then send YOU a check on what you sold for that month.
Many cookie cutter printing companies use a ink printer that prints directly onto your shirt. At BDSS we still use the traditional screen printing process with each shirt being printed when ordered by your customer. Contact Us for more info.

Bulk Drop (BD)

We understand the huge hassle of collecting everyone's sizes and money when you want to do a Bulk t-shirt order for a fundraiser, fire station tee, group tee. This process allows you to put the shirt you want on the BDSS website and have a private link that allows your members to pre-order their tees over an agreed upon time frame. Your members get to pick their sizes and pay online with a credit card. After the pre-order ends, BDSS prints the shirts and then ships the printed shirts, along with the individual purchase orders, to a to a specified location of yours for you to distribute to your members. How's that for Hassle Free! Contact Us for more info.